Restoring the Quality of Life – Literally

UroDapter® syringe adapter

The UroDapter®, our first commercially available product, is a urological syringe adapter which replaces the catheter and enables painless and complication-free bladder instillations. It has been used over 1,000,000 pieces around the world.

UroDapter® can be attached directly to the syringe so that any solution can be instilled into the bladder.

UroDapter® – Urological Syringe Adapter and its parts

UroDapter® – Urological Syringe Adapter and its parts

Strong legal background

  • It has got the necessary European CE certificate, it is registered by the USA Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and has strong IP protection in many countries.
  • ​UroDapter®'s patent is pending. 
  • PCT international patent application number: PCT/HU2016/000063

UroDapter® presentation videos

Dr. Sándor Lovász on the use of UroDapter®


Using the iAluAdapter® (UroDapter®)


"I've been given bladder instillations through this device for about 12 months now and it has completely changed how I feel about instillations.

Instead of using a catheter they place an adapter onto your urethral opening. The amazing part is that the injection is now essentially painless – and absolutely no pain after treatment.

Talk to your health provider. This is a massive improvement for anyone doing bladder instillations."

A male patient about the UroDapter®