Navigating through the Holidays with IC

Being an IC patient, you have to remember your diet, however, it may be hard during the holidays.

If you do not tolerate spicy food, tomatoes, or onions, do not try now, it can easily ruin the feast if pain sets in. Alcoholic beverages are also very dangerous, be it a New Year’s Party or delicious scents of mulled wine at the Christmas market, it only takes a few minutes to drink, but long hours to suffer afterward.

Try to relax, not everything has to be perfect, stress is an enemy with BPS. Try not to carry a lot, heavy bags and weights can make your condition worse. Redecorating the rooms, and moving furniture, if guests are staying over and the room needs an additional bed or so, do not pull or push furniture yourself, it is also bad for your belly.

Some families have the tradition to travel somewhere exotic over the holidays, be aware of the new circumstances, especially, if it is at the seaside or ocean, cold bathing does not help, unfortunately.

If a flare sets in, despite you have tried to avoid it, do not break, do not feel defeated, and try to take the usual procedures, you need to get better, and ask for a time-out. Give yourself the space and the time to recover, do not urge yourself to do anything. I always have the best scenario for such events but it is useful to have a plan B also.

If you’re eager to try some new recipes for the festivities, you can either have a look online for some recipes here:

Or choose one of the recipe books available online here:

Wishing you all a festive holiday season!

Yours truly,
IC Patient Ambassador