Don’t let talking about chronic disease become a taboo!

Severe pelvic pain. Increased urinary urgency and frequency. Negative urine culture. Nothing found at the gynecologists. Then, a stressful day or consuming certain groups of food makes everything almost unbearable. And you’re told it’s only in your mind…

No. It’s NOT in your mind.

These symptoms can point to interstitial cystitis/bladder pain syndrome, commonly abbreviated as IC/BPS.

There are at least 4 million people suffering from IC/BPS in the US alone. Although it is suspected that most patients are women, men can also be affected. Symptoms typically start for individuals in their 40s, but can also happen earlier or later. The cause of IC/BPS is still unknown, and there’s unfortunately no way to cure it for good, either. One of the biggest problems is that in most countries, only 5% of IC patients or less are diagnosed correctly. This is why IC/BPS looks much less common than it actually is, and why most people have never heard of it.

When a patient starts to feel pain and notice symptoms, they may struggle to find a practitioner to diagnose the issue and create an effective treatment plan. They may first turn to a gynecologist only to be redirected to a urologist, then maybe an exercise therapist, and finally, a psychologist. This creates a seemingly endless cycle of running the same circles over and over, getting antibiotics even if no bacteria are found, getting mis-diagnosed with something entirely different (in case of men, even with prostatitis), being administered antidepressants because “it’s all in your head”.

And it doesn’t go away. On the contrary, things get worse and worse. Painful periods become longer and more and more severe, voiding frequency increases. Meanwhile, the same cycle repeats itself, diminishing hope that someone, somewhere can provide some help, or at least, believe that it’s real.

Many doctors have never heard of IC/BPS. Sadly, there are even gynecologists and urologists who are unaware of the condition or are not trained to treat the condition.

Our company, Urosystem Ltd. is dedicated to change this situation. With the help of his team, Sándor Lovász MD. PhD., a urologist with more than a decade of experience treating IC/BPS patients, invented a concept and treatment plan including an innovative medical device focused on this disease. Being diagnosed quickly, correctly and providing the optimal treatment tailored to the patient is the only way for IC/BPS patients’ normal quality of life be restored.

We launched this blog to raise awareness and to inform individual: IC/BPS should never be overlooked – to give hope for those who’re suffering, including those who haven’t yet been diagnosed. We are here to provide information on all kinds of IC/BPS related information, from diet to medication, from diagnostics to treatment options.

Wherever you are, you’re not alone anymore.

The UroSystem Team