Travelling Tips for IC/BPS Patients

Most people are looking forward to the holiday season for some well-deserved rest after the long year’s work. For an IC/BPS patient, things, unfortunately, can be different. Regardless of going by car, bus, or plane, travelling is always challenging. Not only are the urinary symptoms bothersome, the long sitting and the constant shaking movement of the vehicles can easily lead to flare-up.

There are several tips that can help make the journey easier.

- Plan forward. Learn where, when and how you can have access to the restroom. When calculating the time of arrival, don’t forget about the rests you need.

- It is worth compiling a “toilet map” of the areas you frequently use.

- It is easier to endure the long sitting if you take a pillow with you to sit on – so that you can attenuate the constant shaking.

- If possible, try to avoid the highest season of the year. The more people are travelling at the same time, the bigger the risk of unexpected delays are. Recently, summers have become hotter and hotter, heat waves have been frequent in many countries – this is another point why the high season might not be the best time of travelling.

- If you go by car, by choosing the departure time carefully, the chance of being stuck in a traffic jam can be minimized.

- Sanitary pads, pee devices, even diapers may be of great help in case you have no access to a restroom.

- If you go by bus or plane, try booking a seat close to the restroom. If you fail to do so, you still can change seats with someone. Do not be afraid of explaining the situation.

- Monitor everything that is different to your normal routine carefully, such as food and drinks you haven’t taken before, sports or activities you haven’t done before, or the temperature of the room or the water you use for having a bath. Bothersome circumstances can be avoided on your next trip. However, it’s also possible that you find certain things that are good for you. When you get home, you can start implement them in your daily routine.

We wish everyone a safe and symptom-free journey.

Yours truly,

The UroSystem Team