Other uses and indication – Pain-free bladder instillation

There are 5 million indwelling catheters administered yearly, for several different reasons.1 As it was stated before, these catheters often cause infections. Moreover, the catheter itself may cause lesions (when it is being administered or dismantled), debris of the applied devices or clots may appear in the bladder, too. These also increase the risk of infections or other complications.2,3 It is possible that occasional instillation of a GAG-layer replenisher solution strengthens the layer itself, which might be an effective way for preventing the complications. Further research and examination are needed on this topic.

In the field of diagnosis there are possible uses of UroDapter® as well. Retrograde urethrography, for example is usually performed with a catheter with which the contrast materials needed for imaging are delivered. In certain cases, the administration of these materials to the urethra too might reveal additional information.

Lidocaine, as a local analgesic, is often being instilled into the bladder in many different conditions. Regardless of the condition being treated UroDapter® can be beneficial to deliver lidocaine. It is an additional advantage that the drug affects the urethra, too, since in many urinary conditions patients experience pain in that area as well.