Urosystem Co. Ltd. – Shipping policy

  1. The shipping company which is responsible for delivering the products purchased by the customer is the following:

    • Name: Portó Budapest Kft.
    • Address: 1137 Budapest, Pozsonyi út 40. alagsor
    • Contact: porto@porto.hu
  2. The shipping costs, according to the customer’s country as follows:

    • EU, Russia and Ukraine: $9.50
    • Other countries: $10.00
  3. The estimated delivery time, according to the customer’s country as follows:

    • EU countries: 12 days
    • Russia and Ukraine: 19 days
    • Other countries: 15 days
  4. In case the customer has not received the purchased products, we recommend they contact our company using the following e-mail address: shop@urosystem.com

  5. Every product or product package which has been purchased separately is to be shipped as a separate unit.

  6. Further information regarding shipping, delivery and refund that has not been detailed above is included in our Terms and Conditions.