Research and Development


A potassium-free urine alkalizing pill which releases its active ingredients slowly and in a controlled form, thus, raising the urine pH and mitigates the pH fluctuation at the same time. The UretaCit was developed for IC/BPS patients, but it could be useful in the treatment of other conditions, too.

A clinical pilot trial was conducted in 2020 to prove the safety and effectiveness of the UretaCit. The necessary preparations of mass production have been started at our partner, HGA Biomed. This Hungarian company, which is a part of the Vanessa Research Group (the US), has GMP certificate, too. 

The UretaCit will be available on the market as food supplement in 2024.


The optimized drug for the local treatment of IC/BPS. The UroVeSol contains the major, natural components of the GAG-layer of the bladder, just as well as local anesthetics. (The deficiencies of the GAG-layer are responsible for the symptoms of IC/BPS, in most cases.) In order to increase the effectiveness of the treatment, the UroVeSol is applied via “two-step instillation”.

The UroVeSol is already available in Hungary, as a magistral product.

The clinical trials of the UroVeSol will be started in 2022, the drug will be introduced to the market in 2024.


IC/BPS patients of severe symptoms need regular bladder instillations. However, the availability of therapists is limited, which often results in under- or overtreatment. The UroStill was developed especially for female IC/BPS patients: this medical device provides them help so that they can perform the bladder instillation on their own, at their homes. The UroStill includes the UroDapter® syringe adapter, too. 

The prototype of the device has been used in Hungary by more than 70 patients. The situation caused by the COVID pandemic proved how advantageous the home-treatment is. 

The next version of the UroStill is under development, the device will be introduced to the international market in 2023.

The GAG-Layer Integrity Test

In most cases, the typical symptoms of IC/BPS are caused by the deficiencies of the GAG-layer, which covers the inner surface of the bladder. On the other hand, IC/BPS is not the only condition in which the GAG-layer can be damaged. There have been several attempts to estimate the status of this layer, but all the previous methods are invasive; some of them are painful and/or do not provide quantitative data.

Not only is the GAG-Layer Integrity Test non-invasive and painless, but also it provides quantitative information, and it can be easily performed by any patient at their homes.

The GAG-Layer Integrity Test is available for free on this webpage here: Diagnostic help. Also, in 2022 there will be a clinical trial launched to confirm its effectiveness.

Online Patient Follow-up System

IC/BPS is a condition that needs a life-long treatment in most cases. It is essential for the patient and for his/her therapist to maintain close contact so that the treatment can be optimized. With our online patient follow-up system, the frequency of personal visits can be lowered, which makes the therapy cheaper and less time consuming.

Patients can fill out the well-known IC/BPS questionnaires (O’Leary-Sant, Dorfman) online, they can upload the results of their GAG-Layer Integrity Tests and the system translates the data into graphs. Therefore, the therapist can easily decide whether the patient responds to the treatment, whether any changes or personal visits are necessary.

The predecessor of this system has been used by Sándor Lovász for years. Currently, it is under development: Urosystem is planning to develop a system that can be used world-wide.