Revolutionizing bladder pain treatment

How does self-instillation work?

It is difficult for female patients to identify the urethral orifice. That is why UroStill® have been invented.

UroStill® consists of the following elements: UroDapter®, extension, three-way-tap and UroStill® holder (for 50ml syringes). Its optional parts are the endoscopic camera, the tablet and the tablet stand. These you can purchase from us, or you can buy yourself elsewhere. For each instillation you will need to purchase sterile disposable elements as a set containing UroDapter®, extension and three-way-tap.

The UroDapter® adapter is the only part whose tip enters the orifice of the urethra to deliver the solution used for treating the bladder. An extension part is to be attached to the UroDapter® and a three-way tap to the extension and the syringe. These two elements transmit the solution from the syringe to the UroDapter®.

The core of the UroStill® is the plastic holder (non-disposable), which holds both the syringe and the endoscopic camera. 

A constrictor ring, which comes with the UroStill® holder, can be placed into the holder, so that UroStill® can be used with 20ml syringes, too. (The syringe with the medicine is not included.)

The endoscopic camera is fixed at the appropriate angle and distance so it can provide a perfect view on the tip of the UroDapter® and the orifice of the urethra. (The camera can illuminate the orifice as it has built-in LED lights.) The image of the camera can be seen on any compatible smart phone, tablet, PC etc. The small devices like phones or tablets can be put on a stand. The camera (6LED, micro USB,7mm CA00523), the stand, and the smart device (our recommendation: Huawei Media Pad T3 8.0 16GB) are optional.

The patient can find the most convenient position for the self-instillation and easily follow the whole process on the screen.

Why self-instillation?

With UroStill®, patients can treat themselves within the framework of their therapist advice whenever they feel they have to do so.

A growing number of patients need intravesical instillation therapy in interstitial cystitis/bladder pain syndrome, which cannot be sufficiently covered by the current healthcare system of any country. The time spent on visiting, the traveling difficulties and the limited availability of therapists are very expensive for the patients, and the predetermined time of instillation with the therapists often leads to under- or over-treatment of the patient.


UroStill®: innovative design with tremendous benefits

  • It is easy to identify the urethral orifice by using the UroStill®, which can be quite difficult in many cases without the device.
  • It is quick to learn how to use UroStill® - once it has happened, the patient can treat herself without external help.
  • Self-instillation results in fewer outpatient visits, thus less medical expenses, less travelling time.
  • The self-treatment can be optimized to the patient's need, instead of the availability of the therapist.
  • Used together with UroDapter®: all the benefits of the urological syringe adapter apply to UroStill®, too.
  • Comes with a practical bag that gives room to all the necessary and optional elements, so that the patient can carry the device with her easily.

Based on these advantages, UroStill® can be the future of the intravesical treatment of IC/BPS.

Although UroStill® was originally developed for IC/BPS patients, it may be used for certain other conditions, such as post-cancer radiation cystitis and frequently recurring, severe urinary tract infections.

Strong legal background

The main part of UroStill® contacting with human body has CE mark and FDA registration.

A video demonstration of assembling and using UroStill®

UroStill® set

Sterile Disposable Item set

Extension + UroDapter® + Three-way-tap